Surgical Institute of Alabama


Who We Are

Surgical Institute of Alabama is located on the ground floor of the Vestavia Medical Plaza is 15,000 square foot center. The center has 4 operating rooms and 2 procedure rooms. The center welcomes patients to a soothing environment that does not imitate the rigors of rival hospitals. Patients are treated in a concierge environment from check-in to discharge. The center, designed beyond any minimal standards, has larger pre-operative and post-operative bays to give comfortable surroundings for patients and family members. Patients are comfortable during the pre-operative process and anesthesia initial assessment. 


Surgical Institute of Alabama is designed to deliver differentiated care in a high-tech, high touch and customer service focused environment for the patients of Alabama. The center is the vision and concept by Swaid N. Swaid who has worked with a team of providers and professionals to create the environment and more importantly a culture of change to provide surgical care not currently available. Our concept is to perform surgery in the proper environment outside the hospital walls in a safe and technologically advanced center. The vast majority of surgical cases can be safely performed in a free-standing ambulatory surgery center, which is a major force driving down healthcare costs. As the evolution of healthcare continues rapidly toward the freestanding outpatient center our specialties of Neuro spine, Ortho spine, Orthopedics, total joint reconstruction, General Surgery, ENT, Vascular Surgery and Pain Management specialists advance care and customer service. 


All of the aspects above revolve around experienced, focused and caring surgeons, anesthesiologists and staff to provide clinical excellence, high customer satisfaction and go the extra mile to provide a new healthcare experience.


The concept is not to beat the competition but create a new healthcare experience.