Vestavia Diagnostic Center

Who We Are

Vestavia Diagnostic Center (VDC) is an ACR accredited Independent Diagnostic Testing Facility. We have created a “Circle of Excellence” that starts with the patient and ends with the successful completion of high quality affordable radiology services. Our caring staff will provide you with the latest technology at our first class facility. Our technicians are certified by the ARRT and registered in the field of radiography as technologist. Certification & registration requires satisfaction of certain professional standards in medical imaging, interventional procedures, or radiation therapy.


We offer an imaging service like no other beginning with our convenient location, complimentary valet parking, same day/or next day appointments, and short wait times.

doctor with patient explaining spinal scan

The Most Advanced MRI Technology in the Area

Magnetic Resonance Imaging, or MRI uses radio frequency pulses and a strong magnetic field to make pictures of organs and structures inside the body. This imaging technique allows physicians to evaluate bodily structures that may not be as visible with other diagnostic imaging methods. At Vestavia Diagnostic Center, our MRI is a 1.5 wide bore magnet -the most advanced MRI machine available. This system offers patients much more room than traditional MRI machines, helping to alleviate the “closed in” feeling that some patients experience.

Our Low Dose Imaging That Aids Treatment

Computed Tomography, or CT, is a safe, painless procedure that uses X-ray and computer equipment to create cross-sectional images of a patient’s body structures. CT imaging allows physicians to examine soft tissue, bones, muscle, internal organs, and blood vessels.